Siltbuster Siltstoppa Bags

Siltstoppa Bags provide a low cost solution for the dewatering of sludges and slurry.

Pre-conditioned (flocculated) slurry is pumped into the Siltstoppa Bag and allowed to dewater. The water released from the sludge bleeds through the geotextile fabric whilst the trapped solids remain in the bag.

Siltstoppa De-watering Bags are available individually, to sit on a suitable slab or drainage area or can be supplied as a complete treatment solution including as required sludge conditioning unit, and roll-on/roll-off (RORO) container.

When the bag is full and the trapped solids have dewatered, the Siltstoppa bag can either be split open on-site and the dewatered solids removed by means of an excavator (or similar equipment), or the full RORO container can be transported for off-site disposal.