Siltbuster Chemical Dosing Skid

The Siltbuster Free Standing Chemical Dosing Skid comprises a splash proof enclosure (housing) for the storage of dosing pumps and ancillary equipment.

Due to space restrictions the storage of treatment chemicals is normally provided by the use of free standing external spill bunds/spill trays. However, the unit does provide limited internal storage space for the storage of small volumes of treatment chemicals eg flocculant.

As an optional extra an automatic flocculant make up system (mains water supply required) to allow for the continuous dilution of emulsion based flocculant down to working strength can be included.

Frequently, the Siltbuster Dosing Skid is supplied as part of a complete water treatment package eg. Siltbuster Containerised Dosing Systems. Where requested the Skid can be provided as a standalone item.