Siltbuster Sweeper Tip

Siltbuster have developed a simple three-stage sweeper tip solution which reduces sweeper operating costs by removing the need to leave site to empty.

The system is composed of two Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO) skips. The sweeper tips waste directly into the first skip which acts as a reception hopper. Coarse particles quickly settle to the bottom and large items (litter and detritus) are retained.

A float-activated pump transfers silt laden water, via a chemical dosing system, into a geotextile bag stored within the second skip. The suspended solids within the water are retained inside the geotextile bag and clear water bleeds through ready for discharge.

The first skip is often free draining, but if any slurry is left it can be rapidly stabilised by mixing with Siltbuster’s Solidify XL which turns the slurry into a solid material suitable for offsite disposal.