Siltbuster Silt Fence

Siltbuster’s Silt Fence is a practical, economic and effective method to reduce storm water run-off pollution and weather erosion, protecting local water courses.

Terrastop™ Premium Silt Fence is a special, high quality, permeable, technical filter fabric that can be installed as an entrenched vertical perimeter barrier fence, and is designed to intercept and detain run-off, trapping harmful silt through settlement and filtration before it leaves the site.

Before becoming commonplace in the UK, Silt Fences have been used extensively in other countries for many years – their proven performance (intercepting up to 86% of suspended solids [Horner et al. 1990]) has made them a standard Best Management Practice on a diverse range of construction projects.



  • Use as perimeter controls, particularly at the lower or down slope edge of a disturbed area
  • Leave space for maintenance between the toe of the slope and barrier
  • Trench in the silt fence (uphill side)
  • Install stakes on the downhill side
  • Curve the end barrier up-gradient to help contain runoff



  • Install in ditches, channels or areas of concentrated flow
  • Install it running up and down a slope or hill
  • Use as stand alone solution for large areas. Use in connection with other treatment solutions – speak to Siltbuster for advice

Where active treatment is required, Siltbuster have a large range of rapidly deployable lamella Settlement Tanks for sale or rent.