Siltbuster Roadside Concrete Washout (RCW)

The Siltbuster Roadside Concrete Washout Unit (RCW) has been specifically designed to capture and treat wash water generated from the washing of truck mixer chutes on concrete delivery lorries.

Siltbuster designed the RCW to specifically address the concerns of the Environment Agency (EA) regarding the potential harm associated with the release of highly alkaline (high pH) waters into the environment during concreting and grouting.

The RCW’s simple two stage process initially separates and dewaters the waste concrete solids and then its on-board automatic carbon dioxide pH adjustment system neutralises the high pH washwater down to (circa pH 6 to 9) limits set by the Environment Agency. The Siltbuster RCW can handle up to 60 washouts spread over a working day and can be operated from a 110 volt electricity supply or more commonly via its own 12 volt battery.