Siltbuster MCW

The MCW (Micro Concrete Washout System) by Siltbuster has been developed responding to calls from the industry for a more compact and versatile system that neutralises and recycles concrete washwater.

The unit is a self-contained treatment system which enables water to be treated, stored and reused for wash down purposes.

  • Concrete wash water and associated aggregate generated from the cleaning concreting equipment on construction sites is washed down into the dewatering bag or directly into the low-level hopper if washing of small tools and plant.
  • Aggregates are retained within the bag and the bleed waters and fine material which might escape are captured in the low-level tray.
  • The alkaline waters weir out of the tray and into the sump pump chamber. Once the chamber fills and the built-in pump will automatically activate transfering the alkaline waters into the grey water storage tank.
  • A digital pH controller constantly monitors the pH of the water automatically neutralising the wash water with carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce the pH and thereby remove the risk to both the environment and operators who may come into contact re-using the water.
  • Subsequent washing of plant is carried out using the built in wash down pump and hose to enable reuse of the treated grey water.

This unit is the next evolution of treatment solutions, perfect for where space is restricted on the construction site.

With a footprint of just 1.2m x 2.4m the system allows contractors to be flexible on site whilst enabling best practice to be followed at all times.

Priced at an extremely competitive rate of £150 per week, the MCW allows contractors of all sizes to sustainably manage washouts from concrete mixer trucks. What’s more, the MCW has been designed to allow it to be shipped via conventional standard pallet networks, enabling us to offer a next day delivery service at a low cost.

The MCW is available for immediate hire from our fleet or to purchase in your own livery.