Siltbuster Hydrocyclones

Although our range of hydrocyclones are primarily designed for the recovery of coarse to medium sized sand particles, they can also be used to recover a sand/coarse silt product suitable for low value applications such as pipe bedding and more.

Combining the hydrocyclone with one of our vibratory screens can provide a compact unit that both recovers and dewaters the sand.


  • Not intended for the recovery of fine silt and clays
  • Not suitable for use with chemically pre-treatment (eg flocculants) due to the high shear environment
  • Solids laden underflow is 5-10% of in-flow, therefore tankering costs need to be considered
  • Requires 10m of head (1bar) minimum in feed pressure.
  • Requires continuous (not intermittent) feed

Click here to watch our hydrocyclone video on YouTube

Siltbuster Vibratory Screens

Our new range of compact vibratory screens varies in size from 0.6m wide x 0.9m long to 1.2 × 2.4m long, making them ideal for handling smaller quantities of aggregate and for use on spatially constrained construction sites.

The screens can be fitted with a variety of deck sizes from 0.3mm upwards allowing their use not only for coarse aggregate recovery but also for sand dewatering.

Depending on the deck sizes the screens can be used to recover between 5 and 20 tonnes per hour of coarse aggregate.