Siltbuster HB50E Settlement Unit

The Siltbuster HB50E Settlement Unit provides an effective settlement area of 50 m2. It is a transportable settlement trap with dimensions designed to fit in a shipping container for export. The unit is typically operated with either a 4” or 6” pump.

To provide effective recovery of suspended particles the Siltbuster HB50E Settlement Unit is normally operated at flow rates of up to 50 m3/hr. However, when treating rapidly settling solids or when operated in conjunction with a Siltbuster Chemical Dosing System the flow rate can be increased up to the hydraulic capacity of the unit (100 m3/hr).

The solids (sludge) collected by the unit settle within the units twin hopper and are easily removed by the opening of a gate valve, eliminating the need for the unit to be taken off line for emptying, beneficial for applications where near continuous operation is required.