Siltbuster HB50-OWS

The Siltbuster HB50-OWS Oil Water Separator is a combined oil water separator and settlement unit, providing an effective means of recovering free phase hydrocarbons and suspended particulates from a waste water by the use of a single integrated unit.

Free phase hydrocarbons rise to the surface of the unit where they are collected by an adjustable weir skimmer. The integral storage tank provides a secure means of temporary storing the recovered hydrocarbons. Additional external storage capacity can be provided by connection to an external storage tank.

Typically the Siltbuster HB50-OWS is operated in conjunction with a 3” or 4” pump at flow rates of up to 20 m3/hr. However, the unit can where site conditions allow be operated at higher flow rates of up to 50 m3/hr.