Siltbuster DAFs

The Siltbuster range of Dissolved Air Flotation units are the UK’s largest and most varied fleet, available for hire and purchase. These mobile, readily deployable DAF units are becoming increasingly popular for water treatment on remediation and construction projects. The Siltbuster range offers hydrocarbon and solids separation at flow rates up to 100m3/hr. 

Using established solids/liquid separation technology, the DAF units generate ‘white-water’ by dissolving air under pressure and then releasing the pressure to form micro fine air bubbles. The solids or particulates attach to the air bubbles causing them to rise to the surface, where they thicken by natural de-watering and are scraped off. The Siltbuster range of chemical dosing systems can be combined with these units to offer enhanced removal when you need to meet tight consents or for those difficult to treat applications

Product Detail

  • Waters contaminated with free phase hydrocarbons and suspended solids are pumped into the unit’s inlet. If necessary, a coagulant and/or flocculant can be dosed to increase the particle size and buoyancy of difficult to treat material.
  • Siltbuster DAF units employ lamella clarifier technology which increases the effective separation area and therefore the removal efficiency of the DAF.
  • Air-saturated water is pumped the front of the system. The air in this water is then released in the form of micro-fine bubbles.
  • The micro-fine bubbles stick to particles in the infeed waters lifting them to the surface.
  • The air bubbles and separated material form a froth on the surface of the unit which is continually removed by an integrated scraper.
  • Waste material is moved to the waste storage area of the unit and the treated waters then pass below this to the discharge outlet of the system.