Siltbuster Concrete Reclaimer

The Siltbuster Concrete Reclaimer system has been designed to accept residual amounts of concrete washwater from concrete truck chutes and other pieces of concrete handling plant that can discharge at a height of about 1.2m above ground level.

The unit is configured to separate, clean and stockpile the aggregate fraction. When used in conjunction with a pHD skid and simple settlement tank, skip or lined pit, the cement fines settle out from the washwater under gravity and the high pH water is adjusted safely using carbon dioxide.

The Concrete Reclaimer carries out the following functions:

  • Washes and cleans aggregate/sand
  • Separates cement fines
  • When used with the Siltbuster pHD, produces pH buffered wash water which is safe to discharge or reuse in the wash process
  • Is capable of processing 0 to 10 T/hr with a maximum particle size of 100mm, depending upon site specific conditions