Containerised Chemical Dosing

The Siltbuster Containerised Chemical Dosing system provides a secure means of locating a dosing system and In-Line Mixer (Pipe Flocculator) and treatment chemicals within a 20 ft ISO container.

The Containerised Settlement Treatment system comes complete with all necessary equipment to allow: the flow proportional/pH proportional dosing of the treatment chemicals and their mixing with the water to be treated.

Recovery of the Treated Suspended Solids would normally be achieved using either a Siltbuster Lamella Clarifier or Siltbuster Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Unit which would be located external to the dosing system, alternatively the treated solids can be recovered in a settlement lagoon.

Siltbuster Containerised In-Line Dosing Systems can be supplied as a standalone system or as part of a complete water treatment package.