Siltbusters in Australian bushfire recovery efforts

23 Jan 2020

We are very proud to confirm that our industry leading water treatment solutions and products are playing an important part in the massive recovery operation connected with the devastating and tragic bush fires in Australia.  Our partner in Australia, PR Power, with a nationwide branch network in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria along with a wide team of experienced process engineers, is working closely with the various water companies to rapidly deploy our modular Siltbuster products, creating bespoke solutions in, often, difficult to reach areas and where a quick and reliable installation and operational process is detrimental to the outcome – producing clean and safe drinking water.

PR Power, backed up by our UK expert team of 75+ water treatment engineers and scientists, has an extensive fleet of our genuine Siltbuster products to create the most effective and efficient solutions for catching a wide range of water pollutants in waste water before it enters natural water resources or a water treatment plant – a must for any waste water created by the bushfires as it contains a high number of settleable solids for which the Siltbuster HB Clarifier units are perfect partners for.  The solids are rapidly separated and contained, allowing the cleaned water to enter the water treatment plant.

A further 4 HB Lamella Clarifiers will be shortly dispatched to PR Power, Australia, from our UK manufacturing facility.