Siltbuster Wins Top Manufacturing Innovation Award

11 Oct 2019

Siltbuster, the UK’s leading water treatment specialist, has won a prestigious Made in Wales Award. At a glittering awards ceremony last week, it was announced that the business had won the Manufacturing Innovation category, for its range of highly effective systems designed to treat alkaline, polluting concrete washwater.


The ceremony celebrated the most innovative, sustainable and forward-thinking manufacturers in Wales. Siltbuster beat the competition to win particular recognition from the judges for its contribution to environmental protection.


Douglas Friedli, Editor at Wales Business Insider, said: “Siltbuster’s technology tackles a widespread problem in a successful and inventive way. Made in Wales’ panel of judges were impressed at the way that it has been adopted across the construction industry.”


Concrete washwater arises on most construction sites, often when equipment that has come into contact with fresh concrete is washed down. This pollutant, which typically has a pH between 12 and 13 – the equivalent to oven cleaner – will damage vegetation and ecosystems if released into the natural environment, killing fish and other aquatic life.


Before Siltbuster’s involvement, the discharge of concrete washwater back into the environment was not on the agenda as an issue. Siltbuster first started pushing for change, challenging this preconception with the launch of the innovative Roadside Concrete Washout in 2009. Promotion of this product raised awareness throughout the UK and had a direct influence on legislation with the Environment Agency producing a regulatory position statement dealing with concrete washwater.


Siltbuster’s industry-leading treatment process uses carbon dioxide vapour to neutralise highly alkaline washwater. The process is the most safe, cost-effective and easiest to control treatment method in existence. The judges particularly applauded Siltbuster’s expanding range of concrete washout systems that mean it can operate on any sized construction site – large or small.


Richard D. Coulton, General Manager (Construction) at Siltbuster, said: “We are thrilled that our work within the construction industry – especially our commitment to innovation and the environment – has been recognised in this way. It’s a fantastic accolade that we’re immensely proud of, and shows that we are serious about establishing a world-renowned centre for water treatment excellence here in Wales.”