Siltbuster Launches Concrete Wash Water Recycling System

29 May 2019

After initially being unveiled to the industry at The UK Concrete Show, the Micro Concrete Washout System (MCW) by Siltbuster has been launched, responding to calls from the industry for a more compact and versatile system that treats and enables the reuse of concrete wash water.


Designed to capture and treat the water from the washing down of chutes on mixer trucks and the cleaning of small tools and plant equipment on site (such as wheelbarrows, buckets and trowels), the system removes solids from the water, neutralises the pH and stores the grey water ready for reuse at the next washdown.


Richard D Coulton, General Manager – Construction at Siltbuster, comments: “We are excited to bring the next evolution of treatment solutions into our already strong range of equipment. With space on construction sites often limited, we answered the industry’s calls for a compact solution, covering a footprint of just 1.2m x 2.4m, our new system allows contractors to be flexible on site, whilst enabling best practice to be followed at all times.”


“High pH water can look clean after the solids have been removed, yet this ‘silent polluter’ is corrosive and can cause damage to vegetation and ecosystems, killing fish and other aquatic life.”


Using the built-in high-pressure hose, fed from the integrated grey water storage tank, chutes are washed into the geotextile bag at the front of the unit, where the solids are retained, whilst a low level tray below retains the fine material. If tools are being wash down, these are washed directly into the tray. The highly alkaline supernatant water is transferred into the grey water holding tank, where the pH is neutralised via our CO2 saturation system. By using CO2 as the neutralising agent, the system is failsafe making it impossible to over adjust the pH, not that this would be an issue as addition of CO2 is controlled by a digital pH controller. The neutralisation process is extremely quick enabling safe reuse of the water by the time another truck has backed up to the system.


Due to the system’s compact footprint, it can be shipped nationally at low costs via the conventional pallet network, and is easily transported on site, allowing contractors to be effective and flexible. Additionally, by minimising the size of the unit, Siltbuster have been able to reflect the manufacturing savings in the system’s pricing, further increasing the affordability of this industry leading solution.


Coulton concludes: “We believe by adding the MCW to our product range we will have a solution to suit all concrete washdown applications across the construction industry. As with our existing products the MCW is available to hire next day from our hire fleet or to purchase in our customers livery.”