Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Siltbuster Operational Update

25 Mar 2020

We are a provider to Essential Services
As Siltbuster is providing support to a number of Essential Services across the UK, we can confirm that we are continuing to be operational. These Essential Services include the food industries, utilities for water and wastewater and the construction sector. Our team is doing an amazing job at not only keeping the business running, but also at enforcing social distancing and safe measures within both our work place and on customer sites that we may need to attend. We ensure appropriate processes are in place and are updated as necessary.

Safety first
In line with current guidelines we have taken the measures to minimise business interactions through segregation, prioritising workloads and working from home arrangements, where practical to do so. Maintaining a diligent approach to hygiene and segregation is essential as we wish to ensure that we look after each other, our families, our customers and our business partners – safety for all is our top priority.

Thank you
Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times. We also want to thank our team of engineers, scientists and support staff for keeping our operation running in such an efficient manner with an exceptional service level and safety a priority.

We are open for business and here to help: 01600 772256
Keep safe and stay well!