Usk Pumping Station

Discharge Point:Surface Watercourse
Flow Rate:120m3/hr


Skanska were involved on a site for a new pumping station adjacent to the river Usk in South Wales. Surface water runoff from the site and ground water ingress had collected in an excavation which needed draining. In addition, concreting work was to be carried out on site which would generate high pH water, unsafe for the environment. The site had limited space and poor accessibility.


The Overall Objective

To provide a temporary water treatment solution achieving a TSS of <100mg/l and pH between 6 and 9 for discharge to surface water course. The local soil is clay-rich and so chemical pre-treatment was required to tackle these small particles with slow settling characteristics.



Siltbuster provided a three stage pre-chemical treatment system within a small compound on site capable of treating flow rates of up to 120m³/hr which consisted of three HB50 units and one MT30 mix tank to provide chemical mixing and CO2 dosing for pH correction

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