SPS installs another Clarifier at Sandfield Farms Ltd to increase capacity

10 Mar 2016

Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS), leading provider of water and effluent treatment solutions in UK, were recently tasked by Sandfield Farms Ltd to provide a second water treatment system to remove suspended solids and increase capacity at their salad onion washing plant in Worcestershire.

Sandfield Farms Ltd, are part of the G’s Fresh Group who are one of Europe’s leading farming companies and are the largest salad onion producer in the UK. They required a reliable and cost effective system to treat water used to wash salad onions. SPS were originally approached in 2013 when they supplied one of their HB100R Lamella Clarifiers to provide additional treatment capacity, alongside an existing unit.

The unit’s success has led Sandfield Farms to install another customised HB100R unit to work alongside the existing one. It was installed to replace a previous unit whose performance could not match that of the Siltbuster, allowing them to increase washing capacity at their plant, enabling them to produce more salad onions for the UK market.

The Siltbuster HB100R has the capacity to treat up to 100m³ per hour within a compact 4m x 3.5m unit, compared to conventional units which usually treat up to 15m³ per hour.

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