Siltbuster Invited to Exhibit at Hinkley Point Show

11 Oct 2017

Siltbuster has been invited by Kier BAM in partnership with EDF Energy, the developer of the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station, to exhibit at its Plant Expo event this weekend. Only 30 contractors have been chosen, all of whom are working on the 3.2 GW nuclear power station project. This elite group, recognised for environmental best practice, will showcase their equipment and expertise to 200 contractors and other decision makers working at the site.


Six Siltbuster chemical dosing systems were deployed at Hinkley Point to treat the site’s waste waters and thus prevent silt pollution. The most common silt pollution on construction sites is the result of rain water runoff from areas where the topsoil has been stripped. Often full of clay and soil particles, if left to wash off into the watercourses such silt pollution can travel a long way causing significant environmental harm, including suffocating fish by blocking gills, and killing the bottom dwelling creatures on riverbeds.


Dealing with flow rates of up to 1,000m³/hr, Siltbuster’s systems aggregate the fine clay particles in this site water, increasing their settling rate. The systems then clean the water so that it is safe for release. In addition to demonstrating this technology on Stand 16, Siltbuster will also be showcasing other solutions in its hire fleet, such as the PMPU20 pH correction system, its HB50 settlement unit, the D5 DAF and its CM400 equipment for separating oil from water.


Dr Richard Coulton, Siltbuster’s CEO, comments: “We’re very pleased to be invited to be part of this exclusive event.  It is a great opportunity for us to explain our role on site, how our equipment works and how it tackles the many major water pollution problems which can crop up within construction projects.”