Go Plant Goes for Gritbuster

6 Dec 2013

Go Plant Limited, the UK’s leading operated Road Sweeper and Gully Emptier hire company, has purchased a Gritbuster System for its Shropshire Road Sweepers (SRS) operation in Telford. This is the first time the pioneering system has been deployed in the Midlands and is anticipated to save the company tens of thousands of pounds a year.

Processing up to 80 tonnes per day, the Gritbuster system, which has been developed by Siltbuster Limited, enables Go Plant to recycle more of the sweeper and gully waste arriving back at its Telford Depot, and therefore reduce its waste disposal costs. Go Plant operates a fleet of more than 150 sweepers across the UK, with around 30 vehicles deployed directly from the SRS Telford Depot. It provides operated road sweeping, road sweeper spot hire and contract road sweepers with typical contracts including the maintenance of major highways, construction site road sweepings, and local authority cleansing operations. Through these activities Go Plant collects a mixture of road sweepings and gully waste which can now be proactively recycled by the Gritbuster plant.

In the past, such sweepings have typically gone to landfill but this is very expensive. Aidan Garvey, General Manager of Shropshire Road Sweepers says “We had been looking at the growing issue of road sweeper waste for some time. Landfill costs have been rising each year, so it made absolute commercial sense to find a smarter way of dealing with our sweeper waste. Thanks to the Gritbuster system we can now treat and recover 92% of the waste collected through road sweeping, massively reducing our landfill costs – which is good for the business and for the environment.”

When the trucks arrive back at the SRS depot, the raw road sweepings are deposited in an existing dewatering bay before they are loaded into the Gritbuster system for washing, separation and recovery. The bulk of the material recovered by the Gritbuster Plant is coarse washed sand which is then shipped off site for recycling where it is used for instance as pipe bedding or secondary aggregate. Road debris and large aggregate is recovered separately, as is the separated fine organics and fine sand materials produced from the washwater screening process.

The Gritbuster plant has also been supplied to Go Plant with its own water treatment system; this means treated washwater can be recycled for washing purposes. All of this is done with a compact modular system squeezed into the company’s waste transfer station area.

George Anderson, Director of the Siltbuster Group said “We are really pleased to have supplied a Gritbuster System for such a major player in the road sweeping and gully waste management industry. It demonstrates both our own and Go Plant’s commitment to the issue of roadwaste recycling, the environment and reducing disposal costs by diverting recyclable waste from landfill.”