Construction Firms Request Own-Label Versions of Siltbuster Equipment

19 Oct 2017

Siltbuster has been asked to provide liveried versions of its equipment to major construction firms. Careys, BAM, Kier and Murraywood Construction have all ordered Siltbuster systems supplied in the construction companies’ branding.


Siltbuster’s Roadside Concrete Washout Unit (RCW) is the most common piece of liveried equipment bought by construction firms. The RCW captures and treats the highly alkaline, high pH washwater generated from the washing of truck mixer chutes on concrete delivery lorries.


“The fact that such highly respected construction companies are not just hiring equipment from us but are buying it, and want it supplied in their branding, shows how frequently water pollution problems crop up on site, and how respected our kit has become as the best way to tackle them. It’s a fantastic endorsement for our technology and team,” says Dr. Richard Coulton, Siltbuster’s CEO.


Siltbuster has made its name designing and operating a hire fleet of equipment created to tackle all the major water pollution problems which can arise on a construction project. The fleet of over 400 systems range from oil water separators, pH correction systems, settlement tanks and chemical dosing systems through to equipment to handle concrete washwater and dewatering solutions to remove fine particles of clay, concrete and grout from construction waters.